Changzhou Hope Scale Co.,Ltd is located on Yangtse River delta beside Shanghai. Some products developed by the company are in the lead in China,which beloved by customers from metallurgy, petroleum,food processing,harbour,transportation and postal service etc.
   Changzhou Hope Scale Co.,Ltd. had passed ISO9002 quality system attestation. The company has world advanced inspection and testing equipments, successfully produced various kinds of analog and digital ground scale, electronic auto scale,electronic axle weighing scale,wire and wireless scale, high tempture enduring scale and anticorrosive scale. The company has set up a quality guarantee system from manufacturing,sales,installation to maintainance.New products are
developed and produced to satisfy customer need every year.
    The company aims to satisfy customer.The enterprise has a strong technical team and advanced equipments. Products sale to over 20 provinces all over China and well received by the customers.
Address:Hong Zhuang Road 9#,Zhong Lou District,Chang Zhou,Jiangsu,China Contact Person:Helen
Tel:0086-519-83272818 Fax:0086-519-83272908 Post Code:213016
Copyright:Changzhou Hope Scale Co.,Ltd
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